By Tim Zwart – Burlington, ON

In this new age of technology and instant information, it takes quite a lot to make our jaws drop. We’ve gradually become accustomed to seeing things that push the envelope and make our lives easier, and each new iPad release or Android phone is often met with a collective yawn. It would come as no surprise to the majority of us to see Colgate market a Bluetooth toothbrush, or for Leon’s to patent a line of couches with retractable wheels (just think of the convenience!), or even to witness Benjamin Moore develop paint that can change colour electronically on your wall. These types of things have become almost mundane to our calloused and spoiled society, doing nothing to stimulate our gluten-free minds. We’re looking for something new, something innovative…something we can’t afford to live without, but can afford to buy.

The world of outdoor renovation and home improvement is no different. We want style, we want pizazz, and we want to expand our usable space. But above all else, we want to find the perfect blend of affordability and convenience. Well my fellow outdoor enthusiasts, it is with great sorrow that I announce an end to your attempt at finding the perfect outdoor product…and with great joy that I introduce you to The Bunkie.

One of the more innovative outdoor structures to come along in some time, The Bunkie provides all the benefits of additional living space at a fraction of the cost. These modern marvels are designed to do away with costly home renovations and additions, and instead give homeowners a unique, freestanding structure that is as customizable as your daily wardrobe. Once constructed, a Bunkie unit has an area of 12.5 X 8.5 feet and stands about 11 feet high, giving it a living space just under 107 square feet. This size was not an accident, but was carefully designed and engineered to fit under the 108 square foot provincial government threshold (which means you don’t need a permit to have one!).

Almost everything about the Bunkie is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, from the lumber used in its construction (responsibly managed to harvest only what is needed, while replenishing every tree afterwards), to the adhesive used to hold the plywood layers together (no formaldehyde bonding agents, only FSC certified wood glues). Even the manufacturing is environmentally sound, utilizing CNC (computer numerically controlled) programs which reduce material waste while simultaneously increasing its strength and durability.

But what really sets the Bunkie apart is the versatility of its use. You can design your new space to be additional sleeping quarters, a greenhouse-style library/office, a meeting room or an outdoor exercise area. The front and back panels of the structure are made entirely from recycled glass, allowing for plenty of natural sunlight while also preventing obstructed sightlines. So if you’re looking for big things in a small, affordable package, look no further than The Bunkie. You are limited only by your imagination.

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