Hi, I’m Manny Neves, you know…that guy!

You may have seen my work and ideas online via social media and possibly saved a few pins or liked a few posts.

I am very excited to be part of the amazing team at Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine as the new Reno Expert. As a seasoned custom residential contractor, I am looking forward to taking construction to new heights, taking what I learn on site, behind closed doors, at trade events and even the rare mistake and sharing everything with the OL readers.

My excitement for new products, new techniques discovered locally and during my travels, often leads to people expressing… “That’s a little overkill Manny”… but who has time to hear that same old tired phrase over and over? Not me… I’m too busy building.

I hope to introduce and walk the OL readers through the many innovative, user friendly, functional ideas applicable to your home while staying committed to my Hardcore ideals.

I am driven to challenge comfort levels when it comes to using colour and space, both inside and out, while encouraging people to step outside of their own comfort zone and getting them involved in projects in a more detailed manner.

So… buckle up your tool belt, because construction is about to get a lot more interesting!