Manny handles 3 fireplaces with 3 different ways to trim it out. With an endless amount of ways to woodwork a fireplace there really isn’t a wrong way to do this.

       Manny walks you through the kitchen, the heart of the home.  All of work went into this one room and its easily reflected in all of the great products we used.

Manny talks about the backyard. This is the 2nd last episode of the Rondale Build and you can see all of the hard work Manny has put into every detail of this home. 

       Manny shows you how easy it is to install herring bone and he chose to go on the angle of the free-standing tub instead of the traditional 45 degree. 

Hardcore Renos builds a set of Barn Doors form scratch, using Thermory and Weston Premium raw stock and deck boards. Combined with the best Hardware from Richards-Wilcox and you get a Barn Door set up like no other.

       Manny takes a tour with Louie from Brenlo of the Door Machining they have set up. Talk about making our finish carpentry lives easier.

Barry handles the electrical with ease and he’s big on making it look slick and very Hardcore. All panels should be set up this way, never a need for a dogs breakfast or spaghetti when it comes to electrical. Thanks Barry for a job very well done. Catch you on the next one and the next one and the next one.

  Amber Stairs is back to complete the stair install. 140 Pickets and 6 flights of stairs. Watch and they make it look easy cause thats all they do and they do it well. Thanks guys, looks amazing.

Manny hasn’t been shy about this one bathroom being his favourite of this build, possibly his best work to date. I’m sure he will top this one reno on day. A mix of great products, with great ideas, with a lot of homework to make real ash deck boards waterproof in a shower.

       Manny has a chance to sit down and talk about the final front exterior. A lot of work went into this curb appeal and Manny was there every step of the way. From the brick work, to the pavers to knowing the end of his first build is in site.

Manny begins installing those beautiful shower doors from Fleurco, he begins with the Grain bathroom and a new door that he hasn’t handled before but he knows Fleurco so he knows its easy to install. The final set up is perfect.

Richards-Wilcox arrives on site to install one of there amazing doors and they walk us through what makes the door Hardcore.