by Tim Zwart & Dave Maciulis – Acton, ON & Dundas, ON At one point or another, most of us have been collectors of something. Maybe it was dolls, baseball cards or coins when we were kids; watches, shoes or handbags when we grew up; or homemade crafts to frame or put on the fridge when we became parents. To those outside of our own unique little world, many of these things hold little to no measurable worth. You can’t buy a tank of gas with the locket your great-grandmother passed down to you, nor can you offer up...

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JANN ARDEN – Healing through Nature

By Tim Zwart – Acton, ON They say that time can heal all things. That the very concept of distance and space can right any wrong or mend any wound, restoring joy to even the most sorrow-filled broken heart. ‘Patience’ is the token advice given to those who have gone through the failings of a relationship, have under performed at critical moments in their lives, or have lost a friend or loved one. None of these are easy things to deal with, and they all bring with them a pain that is deep, raw and real.    Though it...

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By Patrick Dixon – Toronto, ON If you have been lucky enough to encounter the world of rock balancing prior to picking up this magazine, chances are you experienced a feeling of confusion mixed with amazement. If you have yet to experience this brain-tickling brand of natural art, then you, my friend, are in for a treat. Rock balancing is an art form that is as intriguing to grasp, as it is to witness.      Those who are inclined to create these beautiful organic structures possess a considerable amount of creative ingenuity, poise, and natural form. Their structures...

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ANNA OLSON Poise Passion & Pastry

By Brie Jarrett – Dundas, ON Celebrity Chef Anna Olson is all about connection. It’s entwined in the stories she articulates, that are layered with subtle nuances. She tells the story, for instance, of how she came to be one of the most recognized and celebrated chefs in Canada. “I was really in the right place at the right time,” she says matter-of-factly. True, because when Food Network Canada first launched and was headhunting potential talent, Chef Olson flashed on their radar with, Inn on the Twenty, a book she had co-authored with her husband Chef Michael Olson. This,...

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