URBAN RENEWAL – Public Art Takes The Stage

By Susan Mate – Calgary, AB   If  beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no more is it so than with public art. Few aspects of urban life are capable of engaging the adulation or ire of a citizen more than the city-funded murals, sculptures, light displays and other art rising up across Canada. Over the past three decades, civic art collections have become an engaging and at times controversial mainstay in major metropolitan hubs. Critics assail publicly funded art as a frivolous and an unnecessary tax grab, while proponents praise its ability to revitalize tired city...

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“In creating beautiful spaces, we see and celebrate something bigger and more inspiring than ourselves.” – Darren Bosch- the landmark group   Winners of the Dunnington Grubb award for two years running is a pretty impressive feat and a hard act to follow, but its just another notch on the proverbial belt of landscape design firm The Landmark Group (as seen on our cover). Their belief that design is intrinsically tied to the human experience is at the heart of all of their designs. “Design is about shaping and helping the human condition. We have a responsibility to help...

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DECK VS PATIO – A Decision based on space

By Carson Arthur I am one hundred percent committed to the belief that an amazing backyard is built around the useable space. For all of the gardeners out there, I will concede that plants are an important ingredient to a harmonized yard but if you don’t have a spot to sit outside with family and friends and enjoy them, then those blooms are a wasted opportunity. When it comes to creating useable space, I tell homeowners that while there are so many options out there, it ultimately comes down to one of two choices: Deck vs. Patio. Here are...

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EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – A chat with Kelowna photographer Shawn Talbot

by Lori Sweezey – Dundas, ON I think that all will agree…OL Magazine’s cover shot is outstanding! In the building of this magazine, we always take our readers into consideration when choosing the perfect photos to grace the pages. What we never considered (before now) was what the photographer sees while taking these amazing photos of the breathtaking final product of a homeowner’s dream. Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine spoke with internationally acclaimed photographer Shawn Talbot of Kelowna, BC, the very talented young man who is responsible for our front cover. We needed to get inside of his head in order...

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DINER EN BLANC – A Mystical Magical Evening

BY SUSAN MATE – Calgary, AB “To the uninitiated, the cultural spectacle known as Diner en Blanc is nothing short of breathtaking sensory bliss”      Picture the most postcard-perfect setting: the grassy banks of a river, a lighthouse overlooking the sea, or a park tucked beneath a canopy of maples. Now, imagine hundreds or even thousands of people immaculately dressed in white, arriving en masse toting picnic baskets, white linens, and their own tables and chairs.      The spread of food is carefully chosen to share with table-mates. Most often, the choices consist of French cuisine including...

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