“In creating beautiful spaces, we see and celebrate something bigger and more inspiring than ourselves.”

– Darren Bosch- the landmark group


Winners of the Dunnington Grubb award for two years running is a pretty impressive feat and a hard act to follow, but its just another notch on the proverbial belt of landscape design firm The Landmark Group (as seen on our cover).

Their belief that design is intrinsically tied to the human experience is at the heart of all of their designs. “Design is about shaping and helping the human condition. We have a responsibility to help shape the way people live and care for each other… and that has meaning and purpose,” says Landmark designer Darren Bosch. “In a fast-paced, high-stakes world, our clients ache for a chance to slow down, relax and play. Our work and craft provides them that chance. Every aspect of a home and outdoor space should be an extension of its inhabitants; reflecting their personalities and possessing a human quality. After all… this is about people connecting with themselves, others and something much bigger.”

The Landmark Group designs appear to engage in a conversation with the surroundings and effortlessly integrate human and home as if they were one and the same. As smooth as butter! Their designs run the gamut… from ultra modern to classic and the end results are breathtaking in every case.

Canadians who spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible during the “not winter” season, want to feel like their outdoor living areas are devoid of seams; each space fluidly extending its hand into the next. The ability to design landscapes that integrate all aspects of the desires and needs of any particular Canadian family is clearly a talent not lost on The Landmark Group.

On a yearly basis, the landscape industry recognizes outstanding work by some very talented people. “It takes a village”… and success can be challenging. But with just the right team of people, who possess just the right amount of passion, commitment and talent… magic happens. And honestly…who doesn’t love magic?!