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A Euro Escape In The City

By Samantha Seon – Magonui, NZ   While strolling the streets of Rome, Italy, it was impossible to overlook the lush balconies that lined the rustic old buildings. They were small, but full of life and beauty. Large clay pots giving life to herbs and vines that cascade downwards and overhang the restaurant below…. the famous Piazza Navona. If you were to stand on one of these balconies, you may have room for one other person…. a nice intimate setting, to be sure. Such tiny spaces, bursting with large romance Gardens in Italy explode with such vibrant colour. Poppies, roses,...

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Vanessa & Lorinda Italiano, Landscape Sisters

By Patrick Dixon – Toronto, ON Vanessa and Lorinda Italiano are the visionaries behind Torontario Landscaping. These sisters know that it takes more than just assembling the right aesthetic to breathe life into their outdoor creations. Each environment these ladies create, big or small, can become a setting where family bonds are strengthened and memories are forged. Every outdoor living space is a blank canvas waiting to be splashed with colourful moments. Born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario, Vanessa and Lorinda have been at the helm of Torontario Landscaping for the past 8 years. The company, which was was founded by their...

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Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works

By Chris Westaway – Vancouver, BC Speaking to Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works, I get a sense that I am speaking to a man of uncommon vision, not just in terms of his ability to plan and execute a landscape design project, but in the most literal sense; he is an acutely visual person. Starting from sketches in his notebook, trying to draw out the possibilities from the unaltered landscape around him, then building a concept through design, constructing it, and finally capturing it through the lens of his camera… from beginning to end, Bjorge’s design process is...

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Elizabeth Halley, Landscape Designer at Lion & Bright

By Deborah Rent – Halifax, NS It seems apropos to be meeting with a landscape designer at Lion & Bright in the funky north-end of Halifax. It’s an urban hipster cafe with long slabs of communal natural slab wood tables. The place itself was named after the oxen that traditionally helped clear land. In this industrial/urban setting, Elizabeth Halley appears almost ethereal. As we look through pictures of her work, it’s easy for me to imagine myself being transported to faraway lands and time. Loreena McKennitt’s hauntingly beautiful music is the backdrop of my imagination as I see in...

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Silvan Nerhati, His Job Is His Passion

By Lori Sweezey – Dundas, ON There are millions of people who go to work every day. And that job is nothing more than a means to an end for most. But for Silvan Nerhati, his job is his passion. Some would say “it’s just a paint job,” but Nerhati is an artist and with every paint job he takes on, he brings with him a Picasso-like mindset and a sense of pride and professionalism rarely found in the industry. Born in Albania in 1976 to Agata and Roky, Nerhati is the youngest of four children. His childhood was...

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