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Urban Oasis

By Peter Vogler – Whistler, BC   Patios are magical places that come in all shapes, sizes and reasons for being. There’s the hot summer patio overlooking the water, and the winter patio on top of the mountain…your breath visible, blanket wrapped around you while seated by an outdoor fire. And of course, the inner city dive with a few tables and chairs standing crooked in an alley…you drinking a pint of cheap beer. But the function is always the same – to bring friends and strangers together over the comforts of food and drink, some fresh air and...

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By Glenn Curtis – The Quebec Quonnection Apply seed or install rolls of sod? That’s the question many homeowners are asking themselves at this time of the year. Surveying the state of their front and back lawns for the ravages of winter or the scourge of grubs, the decision to do a complete overhaul or perhaps rehabilitate parts of the property should be made with some basic information. In my almost 40 years in the landscape industry, I have learned that certain factors have to be carefully considered before deciding on seed or sod to bring a lawn back...

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Elizabeth Halley, Landscape Designer at Lion & Bright

By Deborah Rent – Halifax, NS It seems apropos to be meeting with a landscape designer at Lion & Bright in the funky north-end of Halifax. It’s an urban hipster cafe with long slabs of communal natural slab wood tables. The place itself was named after the oxen that traditionally helped clear land. In this industrial/urban setting, Elizabeth Halley appears almost ethereal. As we look through pictures of her work, it’s easy for me to imagine myself being transported to faraway lands and time. Loreena McKennitt’s hauntingly beautiful music is the backdrop of my imagination as I see in...

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10 Things Landscape Designers Dread Hearing (And Why You’ll Never Have To Say Them)

BY GLENN CURTIS – Plantenance Landscaping, Montreal, QC At Plantenance, we get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the mention of a challenge. If you ‘eat, sleep and breathe [insert your passion here]’ you’ll know what we mean when we say crafting an outdoor space you’ll fall in love with every day is what we live for. However, every industry has its share of ‘oh dear’ moments… We thought we’d have fun with landscape-oriented situations and give you a few tips on how to avoid having to deal with them. 10. “It’s kind of a big project…” (Just kidding! That’s what...

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Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works

By Chris Westaway – Vancouver, BC Speaking to Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works, I get a sense that I am speaking to a man of uncommon vision, not just in terms of his ability to plan and execute a landscape design project, but in the most literal sense; he is an acutely visual person. Starting from sketches in his notebook, trying to draw out the possibilities from the unaltered landscape around him, then building a concept through design, constructing it, and finally capturing it through the lens of his camera… from beginning to end, Bjorge’s design process is...

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