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By Zack Fleming – Kanata, ON   For some time, the humble and ingenious single-use plastic bag has been on the endangered species list. But in some jurisdictions it’s making a comeback. The state of Michigan recently enacted a ban on the banning of plastic bags. It’s a breath of fresh air amidst a maelstrom of environmentalist alarmism. It’s a move that cuts through the sludge of political correctness like a hot bulldozer through a landfill. And it should embolden us Canadians to stand up to our power-mad legislators, who’ve been prosecuting a savage witch hunt on plastic bags...

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Elizabeth Halley, Landscape Designer at Lion & Bright

By Deborah Rent – Halifax, NS It seems apropos to be meeting with a landscape designer at Lion & Bright in the funky north-end of Halifax. It’s an urban hipster cafe with long slabs of communal natural slab wood tables. The place itself was named after the oxen that traditionally helped clear land. In this industrial/urban setting, Elizabeth Halley appears almost ethereal. As we look through pictures of her work, it’s easy for me to imagine myself being transported to faraway lands and time. Loreena McKennitt’s hauntingly beautiful music is the backdrop of my imagination as I see in...

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Silvan Nerhati, His Job Is His Passion

By Lori Sweezey – Dundas, ON There are millions of people who go to work every day. And that job is nothing more than a means to an end for most. But for Silvan Nerhati, his job is his passion. Some would say “it’s just a paint job,” but Nerhati is an artist and with every paint job he takes on, he brings with him a Picasso-like mindset and a sense of pride and professionalism rarely found in the industry. Born in Albania in 1976 to Agata and Roky, Nerhati is the youngest of four children. His childhood was...

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White Night is well on it’s way

By Brie Jarrett – Dundas, ON   Rain was in the forecast on the evening that up-and-coming filmmaker Dan Slater was set to shoot his full-length feature film, White Night. It was a special night on which to film… the night of the annual art festival. Nuit Blanche, fills the streets of Toronto from dusk to dawn with spectacular art and over one million people. A one of a kind night, with no chance for retakes, Slater had prepared for two years leading up to this night, along with his business partners Matt Purdy and Adam Booth of Multiname Productions....

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An Urban Garden

By Kimberley Fowler – Campbellville, ON Few things are as therapeutic and relaxing as gardening, but space can sometimes prevent us from enjoying this wonderful hobby. For urbanites living in apartments or high-rise condos, garden space is usually limited or non-existent. At best you might be able to add some flowers to your balcony (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Finding garden space is the first step to growing your own urban garden, and it requires a little bit of imagination and innovation. Lechuza has the innovation covered. Like most innovative products, Lechuza was born out of necessity....

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