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An Urban Garden

By Kimberley Fowler – Campbellville, ON Few things are as therapeutic and relaxing as gardening, but space can sometimes prevent us from enjoying this wonderful hobby. For urbanites living in apartments or high-rise condos, garden space is usually limited or non-existent. At best you might be able to add some flowers to your balcony (if you’re lucky enough to have one). Finding garden space is the first step to growing your own urban garden, and it requires a little bit of imagination and innovation. Lechuza has the innovation covered. Like most innovative products, Lechuza was born out of necessity....

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A Work Of Art Without Much Work

By Glenn Curtis – Montreal, QC   Though properties come in all shapes and sizes, most landscape investors today share a common desire for low-maintenance spaces. It’s understandable: you want to spend your time enjoying your backyard paradise, not working on it. Fortunately, effortless beauty is attainable – and it now comes with a variety of options. The thought of a simple, low-maintenance space shouldn’t conjure up visions of a massive stone patio surrounding a concrete-framed pool in a virtually plant-free yard. In fact, that approach will probably get you stuck between a rock and an expensive hard place. Most...

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Finding Flare In The Colours You Share

By Carson Arthur I had a great conversation recently with a distraught homeowner complaining about their neighbour’s yard. They were desperately seeking some advice as to how to handle a next-door neighbour who has painted their home in bright and vibrant colours because they were certain that the home was hurting their property value. This is such a tricky subject. Your neighbour’s home definitely impacts the value of your own space. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much you can do about it when it comes to their choice of colours or materials. Just remember that your neighbour may have a...

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Your Colour DNA

The Return of  the Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini By Pierre Lalande – Toronto, ON   The dilemma of the “Itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini” from Paul Vance’s hit 1960’s tune actually has more relevance today (in 2017) than people realize. Few people experience anxiety from bikinis or polka dots…however, yellow can still make a person “afraid to come out of the water”, as the song goes. Research tells us that people subconsciously judge us within 15 seconds of seeing us, based on their first impressions of our presence – including the colours we...

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URBAN ROOFTOPS – The Sky Is The Limit

By Richard Beattie – Campbellville, ON   Living in the city means outdoor space is at a premium, but it shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice enjoying the great outdoors altogether. Building a rooftop patio is the perfect way to turn wasted outdoor space into your own personal oasis. Combine creativity and functionality A rooftop space offers a creative way to enjoy the outdoors, but it also has a functional purpose – extending your home’s living space. First, think outside the box and explore design options: Have a dog? Consider planting real grass so that you can let your...

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