The Return of  the Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

By Pierre Lalande – Toronto, ON


The dilemma of the “Itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini” from Paul Vance’s hit 1960’s tune actually has more relevance today (in 2017) than people realize.

Few people experience anxiety from bikinis or polka dots…however, yellow can still make a person “afraid to come out of the water”, as the song goes.

Research tells us that people subconsciously judge us within 15 seconds of seeing us, based on their first impressions of our presence – including the colours we wear and the colours we surround ourselves with. In fact, in most cases, colour is the first thing that people see – even before taking note of your fashion style.

Colour acts much in the same way as a magnet does with our individual DNA. When a person wears colours aligned with their DNA, observers are drawn towards them as if by magnetic pull. Alternately, if you wear colours that conflict with your DNA, the colours tend to “fight” with you and people become distracted and lose focus.

Most people feel that yellow has one redeeming quality, which is mainly optimism and sunshine. However, people intuitively stay away from this colour and their intuition is well grounded. For many skin tones, the wrong yellow will send a message of anxiousness and emotional fragility.

In fact, colours in general possess both positive and negative qualities depending on who wears them and may send an enhancing or a distracting message. We have all seen those bright yellow Hawaiian shirts that often make observers want to turn away. I think we can all relate to that one!

On the other hand, throughout our lives we see people who seem to consistently project a very positive, upbeat visual image because they are “well put together”. Colour emits such a strong impact on observers… far more powerful than we can imagine. Those people…be it a classmate, actor or someone you admire, know the true secret; which is to wear colour with purpose and to send subconscious messages. It all starts with your unique DNA, based on your skin tone and eye pigmentation.

Everyday, we all send out subconscious messages to others by using colour. Whatever colour our skin absorbs or reflects in relation to our eyes, affects others. Certain colours will be repelled and not reflected on our skin. Wearing or using these colours in our living space could potentially send out the opposite message of what we actually intended.

Using authenticated colours allows you to wear and enjoy colours that are guaranteed to enhance your look and/or living space. In fact, to accomplish the right affect, you may be required to combine colours that you’ve never considered before and this could be the beginning of an entirely new direction for your life.

When you understand and express yourself with the language of colour, you will open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and how others react to you. Using colour intentionally can reveal your personality or set the tone for any situation – for example wearing certain yellows can reflect your sunny disposition.

So, returning to our yellow bikini dilemma, here’s the good news. There’s a yellow out there for every skin tone! Whether you were made for lemon yellow, golden yellow, or pastel yellow, this bold vibrant colour can enhance your wardrobe, your home and your outdoor living space. So, instead of being “afraid to come out of the water” this summer, claim your yellow and impress the world with your confidence, optimism, and personal creativity.

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