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Eman El-Husseini

By Nara Farrell – Port Dover, ON   A Jew and a Palestinian walk into a bar…oh the jokes! Who is Eman el-Husseini? You could ask her wife and best friend.  Together they make a very funny and mighty cultural team. El-Husseini is Palestinian and her wife Jewish-A perfect example of being one’s own template. Hers is a beautiful story of coming out, with comedy. “I have, truly, the best love story out there,” she states of her relationship with her comedian wife, Jess Soloman. When deciding to tell her parents of her inspirational new partner, their thinking was that...

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Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works

By Chris Westaway – Vancouver, BC Speaking to Michael Bjorge of Pacifica Landscape Works, I get a sense that I am speaking to a man of uncommon vision, not just in terms of his ability to plan and execute a landscape design project, but in the most literal sense; he is an acutely visual person. Starting from sketches in his notebook, trying to draw out the possibilities from the unaltered landscape around him, then building a concept through design, constructing it, and finally capturing it through the lens of his camera… from beginning to end, Bjorge’s design process is...

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10 Things Landscape Designers Dread Hearing (And Why You’ll Never Have To Say Them)

BY GLENN CURTIS – Plantenance Landscaping, Montreal, QC At Plantenance, we get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the mention of a challenge. If you ‘eat, sleep and breathe [insert your passion here]’ you’ll know what we mean when we say crafting an outdoor space you’ll fall in love with every day is what we live for. However, every industry has its share of ‘oh dear’ moments… We thought we’d have fun with landscape-oriented situations and give you a few tips on how to avoid having to deal with them. 10. “It’s kind of a big project…” (Just kidding! That’s what...

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A Euro Escape In The City

By Samantha Seon – Magonui, NZ   While strolling the streets of Rome, Italy, it was impossible to overlook the lush balconies that lined the rustic old buildings. They were small, but full of life and beauty. Large clay pots giving life to herbs and vines that cascade downwards and overhang the restaurant below…. the famous Piazza Navona. If you were to stand on one of these balconies, you may have room for one other person…. a nice intimate setting, to be sure. Such tiny spaces, bursting with large romance Gardens in Italy explode with such vibrant colour. Poppies, roses,...

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By Glenn Curtis – The Quebec Quonnection Apply seed or install rolls of sod? That’s the question many homeowners are asking themselves at this time of the year. Surveying the state of their front and back lawns for the ravages of winter or the scourge of grubs, the decision to do a complete overhaul or perhaps rehabilitate parts of the property should be made with some basic information. In my almost 40 years in the landscape industry, I have learned that certain factors have to be carefully considered before deciding on seed or sod to bring a lawn back...

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