Vanessa & Lorinda Italiano

By Patrick Dixon – Toronto, ON

Vanessa and Lorinda Italiano are the visionaries behind Torontario Landscaping. These sisters know that it takes more than just assembling the right aesthetic to breathe life into their outdoor creations. Each environment these ladies create, big or small, can become a setting where family bonds are strengthened and memories are forged. Every outdoor living space is a blank canvas waiting to be splashed with colourful moments.

Born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario, Vanessa and Lorinda have been at the helm of Torontario Landscaping for the past 8 years. The company, which was was founded by their father Filippo Italiano more than 30 years ago, services clients in the GTA and other parts of southern Ontario. The Italiano sisters have a deeply rooted love for landscaping that began long before they took the reigns of the family business.

“We were raised on site,” Vanessa explains. “We used to follow our father around as kids. He used to take us on the Bobcats – we would go to go to all the job sites. We practically grew up on construction sites.”

Growing up in the industry has taught the Italiano sisters the importance of facilitating quality family time. Their aim is to create beautiful and functional living spaces for families to connect. For that to happen, the needs of the client must be married with the needs of the environment. Classic designs and quality materials ensure that their creations will stand the test of time.

Nowhere is the bond of family stronger than in their relationship, where these talented sisters see every project through from start to finish, side by side. Once they get going, these ladies can scarcely contain their creative energies. They’re excited by the prospect of problem solving on a job site, and relish the opportunity to discover new solutions for their clients. Even when they’re not working on projects, they’re still designing. After all, the next challenge is always on the horizon, and the diverse nature of the business is what ignites their passion to create.

“Landscaping excites us because there’s something different every day. It’s never the same thing. There’s always a challenge. It’s always interesting creating a new space for a client. Working those hard hours and seeing it come to life is very rewarding for us. At the end of the day, they’re more than a client. They’re a friend,” says Lorinda.

Every project brought to life by Vanessa and Lorinda is done so with great care and dedication. The end result is a dynamic living space that brings people closer together.