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The Colour of Health – Healing With Colour

By Mary Swaine, BA, ND, PHD, PMIAC – Montreal, QC   Plants and flowers make us feel good, not only because they’re beautiful, but because of their colour. The colour of each plant you put in your garden has a direct healing effect on your physical body, emotions and thoughts. For example, red can give you a kick-start and energize you, while yellow helps you feel optimistic . If you want a healing outdoor space, it’s best to plant a variety of colours – everyone needs specific colours, and those you need might not be those that others in...

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Candy Coloured Homes

By Diane Slawych – Toronto, ON   There’s nothing more eye-catching on a residential street than a row of brightly painted houses. In the last few decades, jelly bean coloured homes in hues ranging from magenta and fire engine red, to chrome green and canary yellow, have been popping up with increasing frequency all around the country. The trend appears to have started in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where it’s most pronounced, and spread to other locales, particularly on the east coast, all the way up to the far north.  Some say the craze began with the wider availability of...

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Distillery District

By Patrick Dixon – Toronto, ON   El Catrin Destileria is an authentic Mexican experience in the heart of Toronto’s historic Distillery District. The restaurant boasts an ambitious selection of traditional and modern cuisine. The team at El Catrin spared no effort in bringing Mexico’s culture and vibrancy to Toronto when it officially opened its doors back in June of 2013. The rustic exterior is welcoming and unpretentious. The floor-to-ceiling mural that greets visitors in the front entrance was painted by three Mexican artists and took over 14 weeks to complete. The Day of the Dead, or Dia de...

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The Village

By Cedric Lizotte – Montreal, QC   How many restaurants in Montreal can claim to have celebrated 25 years of existence? Le Saloon Bistro Bar (in the Village) can…and that’s a serious testament to their perseverance and continuous hard work. “Le Saloon isn’t just an institution in the gay community, it’s an institution in regards to the city as a whole”, says Philip Demers, who’s been the owner for 17 of these years. It’s true, owning a restaurant in Montreal is a cutthroat business. And the many changes that the Village, Montreal’s gay neighborhood, has experienced over the years...

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Urban Oasis

By Peter Vogler – Whistler, BC   Patios are magical places that come in all shapes, sizes and reasons for being. There’s the hot summer patio overlooking the water, and the winter patio on top of the mountain…your breath visible, blanket wrapped around you while seated by an outdoor fire. And of course, the inner city dive with a few tables and chairs standing crooked in an alley…you drinking a pint of cheap beer. But the function is always the same – to bring friends and strangers together over the comforts of food and drink, some fresh air and...

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