By HGTV STAR Paul Lafrance


I’ve been in the midst of a storm lately. The kind of storm that spits out down- bursts and funnel clouds like a little kid trying dad’s chewing tobacco, that makes you thank God you’re not in a boat; or makes you beg for mercy if you are.

I’m sure everyone can relate to these kinds of storms. We all know what it feels like to be so blasted by the winds and rains of life, to lose focus, to lose direction, and to lose ourselves. There are countless stories of how powerful storms have unearthed hidden treasures buried in time, whether it is the uncovering of an ancient ship that leads to a historical discovery, or an old war bunker that happens to be surrounded by land mines. All of these unearthed treasures hold real significance; some reveal marvels, some reveal dangers…but they are all treasures.

I am sitting here in the serenity of my backyard haven for the first time since the dark clouds passed. The gentle breeze is flicking the shade canopy over my head, and the trickling waterfalls are drowning out the distant noise of traffic, meeting the pond below. It is calm. It is quiet. And I am starting to gain some perspective on the storm. I realized that I made some positive personal discoveries I was unaware of, that have now changed the path under my feet…and I will follow it. I also unearthed some personal hidden landmines that would have made the damage done by the cyclone I was just in, pale in comparison to the destructive potential that would have been unleashed had I stepped on one of them. Perhaps the storm was truly a beautiful thing after all?

I have spoken from my soapbox till my voice has gone hoarse, that living in our modern, fast-paced culture has never emphasized a greater need for a place of rest. It is something I truly believe with my whole heart. What I have poured my passion into is about more than just creating places of rest in a world that has gone crazy…it is also about creating places of perspective!

It is remarkable how the storms of life can force us into a place of perspective. The greater the storm, the greater the calm feels afterwards. They can remind us of what is truly important, and also, what is not. What is vital, though, is that we choose to see the beauty in the storm and that we humbly accept the treasures that they unearth and leave behind.