By Cassidy Tonkin – Acton, ON


Moments after the sound of her voice begins to fill the air, a wave of emotion travels from the depths of your soul to the surface of your skin. It’s the voice that brings you to your knees and forces your mind’s eye to relive those really significant moments that we all experience throughout our lifetime. It’s the voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s rawness, mixed with the intricate and smooth sounds of Heart, but you somehow know that this is the unique voice of singer/songwriter Robin Benedict.

Admittedly a late bloomer to the field of performance music, Benedict seemed to underestimate the exceptional quality in her voice. With some prompting by friends and family Benedict hired herself a voice coach, fine-tuned her abilities and set out to share her music with the world. Her first taste of worldwide notoriety came in the form of a viral YouTube video, when she and a friend sang their rendition of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, while in a car on their way to the airport. “I couldn’t believe it! Within days of posting that, we had over 2 million views! My inbox blew up with people asking where they could purchase my music. That began the ride of my life. My dreams were finally starting to take form.”

That exposure was the catalyst to Benedict’s original, mind blowing Indie-Rock CD “Dance Away e Darkness”, produced by Andre Kaden-Black at the infamous Jukasa Studios in Calednonia, Ontario, and engineered by Tal Vaisman of Ascott Royals. Her fans were not the only ones to take notice of her raw talent. Some of the music industry’s most respected musicians jumped at the chance to develop Benedict. Acclaimed Canadian musicians Sean O’Grady, Duncan Coutts (Our Lady Peace), and Steve Strongman all helped to craft her record, and the result is nothing short of musical brilliance. “It was magical to witness the passion and confidence of these guys,” says Benedict. “ They inspired my performance and made me feel at ease. I learned so much recording this album; they opened my mind to all sorts of future possibilities. Working with them showed me what it is to be a true professional. They were enthusiastic, well studied, and happy to be playing my music. What an honour!”

There is nothing in this world that Benedict would rather be doing. Music is what breaths life into this “vocal powerhouse.” Her life is made up of a variety of vignettes…all connected to music and performance in one way or another. She understands profoundly that music is the very thing that crosses all boundaries and connects people together, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Her work in bringing music (and instruments) to the youth of Negril, Jamaica, is a testament to her deep-rooted belief that music not only connects the masses, but can also heal the broken spirits of the world.

Give a listen to “Dance Away the Darkness”…Benedict’s entrance to the world’s music stage, and watch for her upcoming tour.


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