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By HGTV STAR, Carson Arthur   In 2013, the Bank of Montreal went on record stating that almost 50% of Canadians would be moving in the next 5 years. I’ve officially joined that half of the population.   I sold the cottage and bought a farm! Now, I use that term very loosely as it doesn’t have a barn… but one day it will. What it does have is 6.5 acres of opportunity to create the gardens that I’ve always dreamt about. My retirement home!   The farm is quickly replacing the cottage as the second home for a lot of...

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by Tim Zwart & Dave Maciulis – Acton, ON & Dundas, ON At one point or another, most of us have been collectors of something. Maybe it was dolls, baseball cards or coins when we were kids; watches, shoes or handbags when we grew up; or homemade crafts to frame or put on the fridge when we became parents. To those outside of our own unique little world, many of these things hold little to no measurable worth. You can’t buy a tank of gas with the locket your great-grandmother passed down to you, nor can you offer up...

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by Tim Zwart – Acton, ON Imagine a world where you could take the best of everything and deposit it all in one centralized location. In this utopian experiment, you may find Canadian beer and maple syrup, French pastries and breads, Italian pastas and pizza, or any number of dishes that one might expect to see at a giant, global buffet. But what are the factors that make these things iconic and known the world over? Well, for starters, you have to be better at something than anybody else. Then you have to bring it to the masses.  ...

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EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – A chat with Kelowna photographer Shawn Talbot

by Lori Sweezey – Dundas, ON I think that all will agree…OL Magazine’s cover shot is outstanding! In the building of this magazine, we always take our readers into consideration when choosing the perfect photos to grace the pages. What we never considered (before now) was what the photographer sees while taking these amazing photos of the breathtaking final product of a homeowner’s dream. Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine spoke with internationally acclaimed photographer Shawn Talbot of Kelowna, BC, the very talented young man who is responsible for our front cover. We needed to get inside of his head in order...

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WE ARE NOT SHEEPLE – Infusing your Space with Individuality

By HGTV STAR, Paul Lafrance Something I talk about a lot when I’m doing design workshops is that I don’t really like to follow trends or adhere to them when I’m designing a space. The problem with trends is that they, by definition, change. If someone is planning to spend a significant amount of money on, say, their outdoor living space, they’re not going to want to make a huge investment, only to have to redo the whole thing in a few years when the trends change.      When I’m meeting a client to talk about a new...

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