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JANN ARDEN – Healing through Nature

By Tim Zwart – Acton, ON They say that time can heal all things. That the very concept of distance and space can right any wrong or mend any wound, restoring joy to even the most sorrow-filled broken heart. ‘Patience’ is the token advice given to those who have gone through the failings of a relationship, have under performed at critical moments in their lives, or have lost a friend or loved one. None of these are easy things to deal with, and they all bring with them a pain that is deep, raw and real.    Though it...

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By Luke Hellewell – Hamilton, ON “We write what we know.” Said the Whale is the brainchild of the singer-songwriter duo (and best friends), Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. It began as a past time… a way of reflecting in the diverse city of Vancouver, where they still call home. After jamming together casually in high school, Worcester and Bancroft slowly pieced together their 2008 debut album Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia (released via Upper Management Recording Co.).      Like the clever band that they are, Said the Whale twist and turn their way through genres… smoothly and without hesitation....

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JJ & The Pillars

By Luke Hellewell, Hamilton, ON “It’s an absolutely beautiful city.” Back in his old stomping grounds of Peterborough, Ontario, JJ Thompson sticks to a ritual every time he drives back to his old hometown…but you’d probably only understand it if you were a local.      “I drive through the tunnel underneath the lift-locks and honk and scream,” explains Thompson. “Then I go to Hunter Street to grab a coffee and treat from a little shop called Black Honey and then usually head over to The Only, which I consider my local bar”.     A product of the...

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FOGO ISLAND INN – The Farthest Edge of the Earth

Once a thriving fishing village, Fogo Island is now becoming desolate, as residents have been forced to leave to seek employment elsewhere.    The Inn was a vision of Zita Cobb, who is a native to the island, and returned to her homeland after several years of successful business management in larger urban centers. Today the property employs approximately seventy staff members; the majority are from the island, and the island itself has become somewhat of an artist retreat. Todd Saunders, who was born in Gander, Newfoundland, is the architect behind the design of Fogo Island Inn.    ...

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DINER EN BLANC – A Mystical Magical Evening

BY SUSAN MATE – Calgary, AB “To the uninitiated, the cultural spectacle known as Diner en Blanc is nothing short of breathtaking sensory bliss”      Picture the most postcard-perfect setting: the grassy banks of a river, a lighthouse overlooking the sea, or a park tucked beneath a canopy of maples. Now, imagine hundreds or even thousands of people immaculately dressed in white, arriving en masse toting picnic baskets, white linens, and their own tables and chairs.      The spread of food is carefully chosen to share with table-mates. Most often, the choices consist of French cuisine including...

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