With Mosquito season quickly approaching, there has been a lot of attention in the media on the spread of disease from these summer pests. Unfortunately, West Nile Virus and now the Zika Virus have Canadians looking for ways to have a relatively mosquito free season.

     With new studies and information emerging from such organizations as the American Mosquito Patrol Association, we are gaining more insight into the life of the mosquito so that we are better at avoiding their bites.

        Unfortunately, when it comes to your favourite outdoor pleasures, consuming beer and fatty meats increases the likelihood of being bitten. Beer drinkers have higher levels of ethanol in their sweat, which attracts the female mosquito. Eating meats with lots of saturated fats increases the uric acid in your system…turning you into a tasty treat. So how do you avoid being bitten and still enjoy the summer barbecuing in the backyard?

      When it comes to technology, bug zappers have been the choice of many throughout the years. However, new studies have shown that these zappers also destroy helpful insect populations. One product is showing amazing results in stopping the cycle. GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer is the first mosquito trap to create an optimum setting and lure the female mosquito to the very place you need her to lay her eggs. This system cycles the ‘pond-like’ water through a filter, trapping the eggs and larvae and preventing them from reaching maturity. In a backyard setting, the Mosquito Preventer can reduce a population by 70% in just a few months.

Carson Arthur